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How many Qigong movements are there?

There are a lot of different types of Qigong and a lot of movements.  Remember, Qigong is energy cultivation.  This is a broad term.  You could argue that Yoga, Tai Chi, and dance are all a form of Qigong.  But usually, qigong refers to a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine, it involves movement, meditations and visualization.  Qigong is medicine, medicine you take to heal/cure something, or medicine you take to enhance your health. The Qigong that I teach is from my Medical Qigong training, and from my training with Anthony Korahais  of Flowing Zen.  I teach the 5 Yin Organ routine  and the 18 Luohan Hands.   The 5 Organ routine is quite prescriptive.  There are a few movements before you begin, designed to purge stagnant energy, next the 5 movements are preformed in order and there is a closing movement.  The 18 Luohans are learned in order but can be practiced in any order.  I teach them along with Anthony’s 5 step routine, in a 3 or 6 part series.  When you come to a class you will notice that I also teach a static posture called Yiquan, and some sitting meditation practices I learned in my medical qigong training.  The 18 Luohan hands and the 5 Organ routine are effective and easy to learn.

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What is Qigong?

Dancing Crane # 10 of the 18 Luohan Hands   Qigong (pronounced chee kung) is an ancient Chinese mind body practice that restores wellness, builds mental and emotional strength, reduces stress and increases vitality.  Qigong is a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the grandfather of Tai Chi which was developed later for combat.  Qi (Pronounced Chee) is the circulating life force (or energy) whose existence and properties are the basis of much Chinese philosophy.   Qi flows through our bodies and everything in nature.  Gong is cultivation. Therefore, Qigong is energy cultivation. Qigong is a very powerful practice that works on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

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