How many Qigong movements are there?

There are a lot of different types of Qigong and a lot of movements.  Remember, Qigong is energy cultivation.  This is a broad term.  You could argue that Yoga, Tai Chi, and dance are all a form of Qigong.  But usually, qigong refers to a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine, it involves movement, meditations and visualization.  Qigong is medicine, medicine you take to heal/cure something, or medicine you take to enhance your health. The Qigong that I teach is from my Medical Qigong training, and from my training with Anthony Korahais  of Flowing Zen.  I teach the 5 Yin Organ routine  and the 18 Luohan Hands.   The 5 Organ routine is quite prescriptive.  There are a few movements before you begin, designed to purge stagnant energy, next the 5 movements are preformed in order and there is a closing movement.  The 18 Luohans are learned in order but can be practiced in any order.  I teach them along with Anthony’s 5 step routine, in a 3 or 6 part series.  When you come to a class you will notice that I also teach a static posture called Yiquan, and some sitting meditation practices I learned in my medical qigong training.  The 18 Luohan hands and the 5 Organ routine are effective and easy to learn.

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