Shibashi Qigong Training

I have been studying Shibashi Qigong and last weekend I took the teacher training to teach Shibashi set 1.  Shibashi is a set of 18 movements that are performed in order and all 18 are performed every time you practice.  The movements are simple, flowing and easy to learn.  It takes about 20 minutes to complete the set. I chose to study this form because the first time I tried the first 2 moves I could feel the Qi in my lower dan tian.  I have never felt the Qi this strongly with any other practice.  My lower dantian was buzzing - vibrating.  After this experience I just had to learn how to teach it!  And, these movements will work well in the water.  I have already added them to my Fluid Zen classes.   Here is a video of the first 3 moves. Click here The training was fantastic!  Sifu Wing Cheung has a very gentle approach to his teaching.  He is a wealth of knowledge, however he does not speak much unless you ask him a question.  This is typical of learning from a Chinese master.  You only receive the information you are ready to hear.  Therefore, you better be asking questions! What I learned from Sifu Wing Cheung. Breath - your breathing should be gentle - no sound, and the exhale should not move a feather On feeling the Qi - Performing Shibashi seated is a great way to feel the Qi Kau - this is your hip area, lead with the Kau.  Once you figure this out - the arms float up easily. If you are interested in learning more about this form check out Master Wing Cheungs website.  There are free [...]

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Can you feel the Qi? or Energy?

This is a question that is rarely asked. However, I know everyone wants to ask it. Can you feel it? What does it feel like? What am I suppose to feel? First, what is Qi?  Qi is the universal energy force that flows through everything.  Like water, it flows freely around us, and through our bodies via energy channels or meridians.    We can manipulate this energy by practicing qigong, tai chi or yoga.  All these energy practices move your energy.   For more, read my blog post What is Qi. Can I feel the Qi? Yes, I feel it. Did I always feel it? No, I did not always feel the qi. What does it feel like? People report different sensations. I can report the following: After performing some of the 18 Luohan hands I feel the Qi rushing to my hands, it feels like tingling and sometimes the hands feel like they are swelling (but they are not - nothing you can see). Other times, when I am practicing a step in the 5 step routine called "flowing breeze swaying willow" I feel the Qi spiraling up, and my whole body wants to follow the spiral. Other times it feels like a subtle wave going through my whole body. The thing to remember about qi is it is very subtle, and gentle. Often I feel qi as heat. Lots of heat. No, it is not a hot flash. Those are very different. The heat from Qi is gradual, and not as intense as a hot flash. No nausea, or sweating. So how do you learn to feel the Qi? The only way is to practice. Do your very best to enter zen and go [...]

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