Qi pronounced chi, is the universal life force that runs through everything. Qi is the life force which sustains every activity of the body, mind and spirit. If you practice yoga, you know this energy as prana, if you are familiar with Shiatsu you know it as Ki.

The Chinese are the leaders in knowledge of this life force. Chinese doctors have mapped the energy system of the body. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is based on balancing and enhancing these energies in the body. TCM and Qigong have been in use to enhance health for over 5000 years. Your Qi can be enhanced with herbs, food, acupuncture, and Qigong.

What is Qigong?  Qigong, pronounced Chi Kung consists of static postures, moving postures, and meditation. There are numerous studies that confirm the benefits of Qigong and many more are available in Chinese. In China, qigong exercises are done daily in school to prevent the need for eye glasses. People practice Qigong for health, to learn about themselves, and to learn how to follow the breath to find peace.

According to TCM theory, we need to protect our life force and ensure it is flowing freely. In order to do that we need to eat properly, spend time in nature, and move the energetic body. Qigong exercises or movements are designed to move the energy through the energy meridians, transform energy, and store energy.

Where does Qi or energy come from?  Your original Qi comes from your parents – we are born with an energy body, we obtain Qi from food, the air, earth and the heavens (planets & stars).   Qi is the life force – without it, there is no life.  As we age, our energy depletes and the physical body dies. Learning how to cultivate qi, store qi, and move qi can keep you healthy and extend your life.   In Okinawa, an island off the coast of Japan there are more healthy centurions than anywhere else in the world.   They don’t have cancer or heart disease.   The Okinawa study found 3 things that all centurions on Okinawa had in common. They all ate a yam native to the island, they all had a purpose (job) in the community, and they all practiced Qigong.

Take a step towards your health and learn how to move your Qi with Qigong.