Monica MarquisWho am I

I have many educational and life experiences that have prepared me to work with individuals or groups to help them heal and balance their lives.

Most importantly I learned how to critically appraise research and then translate research into meaningful programs, resources and tools to teach people to prevent and manage chronic disease. I have always been interested in alternative medicine and studied it along side my formal Health Education degree. Alternative therapies I have practiced or studied include: Feldenkrais, Watsu, Medical Qigong, Shiatsu, Yoga, Ai Chi (Tai Chi in the water) and aquatic therapy. I am a continuous learner, my interests include:

  • spiritual growth
  • stress management
  • natural health
  • workplace health promotion
  • longevity
  • brain health
  • public speaking
  • fall prevention
  • aquafitness

I always felt there was something missing in the health puzzle. I asked myself why are there so many chronic diseases? Why don’t we have a cure for cancer? Why can’t we prevent it? How can there be illnesses that we do not understand? And then while in university I learned that we do not know everything about the body! There is a lot we do not know especially about the brain and the digestive system. Never let anyone tell you that there is no cure! Keep searching.

Life experiences are lessons. Lessons in life. We all have interesting lessons. How do we use these lessons? How do we move on? How do we accomplish our goals?   I am strong and I have learned how to flow with obstacles and challenges along my path.    Let me assist you on your path.

Education and certifications

BSc. Health Education – Dalhousie University

Medical Qi Gong Practitioner – The International Institute of Medical Qi Gong Canada

Flowing Zen 100 hour Qigong teacher training Flowing Zen

Watsu Practitioner – World Wide Aquatic Body Work Association

Bonefit Certified Osteoporosis Canada

AQX Aquafitness Instructor/Trainer  For the Love of Fit

Home Support Exercise Program Facilitator Canadian Centre for Activity and Ageing

Knowledge Translation Certificate Sick Kids & University of Toronto